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Capital that makes a Positive Impact

Central African Republic Impact Investments Limited (“CAR Impact” or “The Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central African Republic Development Partners Limited.

CAR Impact’s focus on Impact Investing means the Company is ideally positioned to benefit from changing economic circumstances which have created an unprecedented opportunity in the Impact Investing sector on which CAR Impact is concentrating.

There are numerous opportunities for investors to address social problems in Africa while meeting consumer needs – creating employment, supporting agriculture or strengthening infrastructure.

One of the more significant changes in the global investment industry over the past two decades has been the continuing rise of responsible investing approaches. This period also saw the establishment of the private equity industry in Africa, with the development finance community playing a key role as cornerstone investors. This has desired effect of creating an industry in which environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices have been ingrained, and which by its nature is more impactful than in other regions.

“Africa’s rapidly growing and urbanising population, coupled
with its resource wealth, is set to be one of this century’s economic megatrends. At the same time, almost 600 million people in Africa lack access to electricity, four in 10 live without safe drinking water, a fifth of primary aged children are out of school, and 237 million people are malnourished.”

Source: The evolution of impact investing in Africa

Responsible Investing

'One of the more significant changes in the
global investment industry over the past two decades'